About Us

Black Skulls started off from humble beginnings in a sparse breeze block one-car garage in the arse-end of Hackney (London), tinkering with an array of bikes, and as our skills progressed, so did the interest from others.

The Black Skulls went from a hobby to a business relatively organically, and we eventually moved to a bigger premises where we started garnering more interest. The concept developed from customising our own bikes to other peoples, realising that what we were doing was bringing together lots of other like minded people to one place from such a disparate scene. The idea was formed to create a brand that could pool all these talents, and so, Black Skulls was born!

With it’s unpretentious welcoming feel, the Black Skulls HQ serves to unite the talents of the British bike scene, as for all too long it has tended to be polarised by what you ride. At the Black Skulls HQ there is an open door policy and everyone is welcome!

Our mission is to create motorcycle clothing and accessories that are functional, look as good on a bike as they do off, whilst utilising the best that Britain has to offer in terms of production. All of our products are made in the UK.

Our product line includes t-shirts, leather jackets, leather accessories, helmets, jewellery, motorbikes and more.